Phoenix Rise

Are you ready for momentum that will lead to
rapid, significant change in your life?

Are you ready to co-create an exciting and energizing
new vision for your life?

Are you ready to mine your life experience, the good and especially
the difficult, for the gold it contains?

Then you're in the right place.

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A Phoenix is a mythical long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again.
Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

To me, Phoenixes are people who have had a lot of life experience.

Phoenixes value their life experience and are richer for it.

They have many gifts to share with the world,
and are capable of incredible feats of self-healing and self-empowerment.

But it is exactly these traits which cause Phoenixes to get stuck in
two common behavior modes:

1. Crash and burn.

Fire, flame, and pain are in the Phoenix's wheelhouse. These people have died and been reborn so many times, what's one more time? The trouble with living this way is that eventually, they'll burn out, and many Phoenixes are exhausted from this way of dealing with life. The same things always seem to happen, and these Phoenixes don't know how to stop the endless cycle of crash and burn.

2. Put a (wet) blanket over me, I'm done.

This is when the Phoenix douses their flames and decides that a "safe life" within the boundaries of conventional society is better than the fire of their passionate nature. Not the flames again, anything but the flames. The trouble with living this way is that the passion, authenticity, and power that give the Phoenix so much life start to dim,  and pretty soon the Phoenix doesn't even recognize themselves.

Do you relate to one of these?

Luckily, there is a third way: Phoenix Rise

In the legend of the Phoenix, the new life rises from the ashes of its predecessor.

Who we are is changing all the time, and within one incarnation, we may lead many different lives.

The third way, the way of Phoenix Rise, is to acknowledge who you were and what you came from
and use that as the raw materials to create the person you are becoming.

Phoenix Rise is a visionary, creative process for consciously creating your new you.

It is igniting your potential, the potential you already know is within you.

It is acknowledging and harnessing your power and using it to consciously create your life.

It is rising towards your dreams.


A Phoenix becomes stronger and more magical
and purifies its energy body with each challenge it faces and conquers.

The Phoenix is a shamanic form that generates tapas, transformational fire, to burn away obstacles, revealing
clarity, momentum, self-expression, and self-love.

A Phoenix is a shape-shifter, adapting to and learning from life,
and becoming more magical with each challenge faced.

Phoenix Rise is my fun, eclectic, and effective
signature coaching program designed to get you
rapid breakthroughs and clear action steps in just 10 weeks.



The program kicks off 9/9/18 and runs through 12/8/18 with two scheduled break weeks.

Some of the topics we'll cover include...

  • Your Shadow
  • Your Wiser Self
  • Your Vessel
  • The Sacred Purge
  • The Relational You
  • The Communal You
  • The Wheel of Life

and so much more!


  • $1111
  • Early bird: $999 (thru 8/31!)
  • Or a payment plan that starts with a deposit of $333
    • Then 3 payments of $300 or
    • 6 payments of $175


What's included?

  • Weekly small group coaching: valued at $1600
  • Weekly group masterminds: valued at $1600
  • Weekly webinars: valued at $800
  • Weekly structured buddy calls: valued at $800
  • Weekly assignments:  valued at $400
  • 2 accountability challenges: valued at $400
  • Private FB Group: valued at $200
  • Opportunity to win 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me: valued at $300+

Plus these free extras...

  • Time mapping webinar + tools: valued at $199
  • Defeating distractions webinar + tools: valued at $199
  • Obliterating overwhelm webinar + tools: valued at $199
  • 3-day challenge kick off with The Little Volcano: valued at $47

Oh and did I mention...

  • Graduates of this program will be able to repeat it again at the beta trial price! Even after prices go up!
  • Lifetime membership in private Facebook group for ongoing support, community, yoga classes, meditations, and other awesome stuff!



  • $1111
  • Early bird: $999 (thru 8/31!)
  • Or a payment plan that starts with a deposit of $333
    • Then 3 payments of $300 or
    • 6 payments of $175


The results I want you to get from working with me:

  • Clarity. Define and refine a vision for the 10 weeks we spend together in program. Take steps towards achieving your vision. We over-estimate what we can accomplish in 6 months, and under-estimate what we can accomplish in 30 days.
  • Confidence. Identify the story you've been telling yourself and others for a looooong time. Recognize how your story keeps you from doing what you most long to do. Retire your story. Create a new identity. Break the habit of being yourself.
  • Community. We love our friends, but they're not the ones who know how to help us become the best version of ourselves or they would have done it already. Be part of a community that is 100% focused on personal growth and development. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.

Who is Phoenix Rise for?

  • You're genuinely ready for a change.
  • You want to be part of an exciting, compassionate community of like-minded people. People who are into things like: neurobiology, the connection between diet and mood; the connection between thought and reality; meditation; archetype work; shadow work; tarot; astrology, and lots more!
  • You want and are ready to do the work and can commit about 2 hours of work per week to your personal growth.
  • You love exploration of the body-mind-spirit and are open to a mix of  New Age practices along with traditional coaching. Traditional coaching might include goal setting and time management. New Age work might include archetype work and meditation.
  • You are comfortable using technology, including Facebook and Zoom online meetings. A smartphone will help you get the most out of this program.
  • You want to participate, contribute and push past your comfort zone by letting your voice be heard in a safe, compassionate, and judgement-free zone.

Who is Phoenix Rise NOT for?

  • You aren't really ready to change.
  • You expect someone else to solve your problems for you.
  • You're not willing or ready to do the work: about 2 hours per week on your personal growth.
  • You are suspicious of mind-body practices and prefer taking a pill or getting a surgery to putting in the work addressing the behaviors or situations which are leading to your problems.
  • You believe the only authorities are doctors, lawyers, priests, and other people who your mother hoped you would marry.
  • You don't feel comfortable using technology.
  • You want to get through life saying as little as possible.

Is lack of clarity about what to do or where to go next keeping you up at night?

Do you yearn to connect with the magic you know is within you?

Do you crave to be with a group of people who understand you and are seeking personal growth and accountability?

Do you feel like you've been through a lot and are strong, but something just keeps getting in the way?

Are you tired of telling yourself (and everyone else) the same story over and over again?


Fill out my application and I'll get in touch with you to book a complimentary 30 minute coaching call to find out if Phoenix Rise is right for you.