Healing Yoga Circle


Healing Yoga Circle

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Healing Yoga Circle is an ongoing, community-building healing circle focused on the practice of Forrest Yoga. More info below.

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Fall 2017 Theme: Designing Your Life - Fridays 10/20 and 11/10 from 6pm-8pm; Saturday 11/25 from 3pm-5pm

Healing Yoga Circle:
A Forrest Yoga Weekend Series

I have been practicing Forrest Yoga since 2010. Forrest Yoga is a healing, strength-building practice. Each class is built around an intention to guide us through safe, effective yoga sessions that heal at the physical, mental, and emotional level.

Forrest Yoga takes the best of yoga’s ancient technology and updates it for 21st Century humans. We address common modern-day problems: stress, depression, anxiety, alienation, technology overload, lackluster digestion, low back pain, and other issues common to modern humans. By practicing in a small group, we build community and experience in real time how we are co-creating our reality and healing each other at the personal and social level.

Each practice begins with "calling in the four directions,” a ceremony/meditation based on the Four Directions of Native American spirituality. By calling in the four directions and sitting in circle, we align with ancient and powerful archetypes and connect our own story to the larger story of humanity and the global shift we are experiencing at this time.

This is followed by pranayama and a series of warm-ups designed to prepare the body for the deeper postures. We slowly and mindfully open the major joints (spine, hips, shoulders), warm up the core, and perform heating flowing yoga series like Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar “B” series. Then we dive in through a well-sequenced series that will bring you to your edge and take you deep inside. The series culminates in an apex pose followed by a sweet savasana.

What is Forrest Yoga and Why Should I Study It?

Forrest Yoga is an internally-focused practice that utilizes emotional process work to create transformation. Forrest Yoga asks you bring your entire being–mind, body, and spirit–to your practice. You will grow stronger as you deepen your breath, tap into your truth, and embody your spirit, first on the mat, and then off. Forrest Yoga cultivates a deep awareness of your yoga practice and life process. Forrest Yoga is a holistic, therapeutic healing system for those who want to break patterns, find strength, and live a full-spectrum life.

Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires a willingness to feel authentically and respond honestly.

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Healing Yoga Circle: A Forrest Yoga Series
Location: Golden Feather Yoga
Address: 2800 Kennedy Blvd., 2nd floor, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Please bring your own mat.

$40 per Circle or $108 for all three