Thai Massage in Jersey City and New York City

Thai Yoga Massage, sometimes called Thai Yoga Bodywork, Thai Massage, Thai Bodywork, Assisted Stretch, and even “lazy man’s yoga,” is one of the most ancient healing modalities in human history. Accredited to Shivago Komarpaj, the Buddha’s personal physician, Thai Massage has evolved and developed over centuries into the multi-faceted healing art it is today.

Thai Massage is performed fully clothed, without the use of oils or lotions.  It is performed on a cushioned mat or blanket on the floor, not on a massage table. The Thai bodyworker pushes, pulls, and moves the client’s limbs through a session that lasts anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours or more, and covers the front and back of the body, the sides of the body, hands and feet, the digestive organs, face, and head.

Thai Massage follows energy lines in the body known as sen lines, roughly equivalent to the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thai Massage is based on the idea that life force energy (chi, or prana) circulates through the body, and brings wellness and health when it is moving freely and unblocked. Thai Massage helps circulate and unblock stuck or stagnant prana. To clear blockages and move prana, Thai Massage employs a number of techniques, including application of pressure using hands, feet, elbows, knees, and knuckles, movement of joints, stretching of muscles, and gentle stimulation of the digestive organs.

Thai Yoga Massage is a beautiful dance of healing.  My rates are: 60 minutes for $100; 75 minutes for $120; 90 minutes for $140. Private yoga/Thai Massage combo sessions (an hour of yoga + an hour of Thai Massage) are discounted 10%. My private yoga students are eligible for a 20% discount on Thai Massage. To schedule an appointment, please contact me.

Please note: these days, my bodywork practice has evolved to include Myo-Fascial Meridian Release and Cranio-Sacral work woven throughout the Thai bodywork. I work with each client from an intuitive place, sensing what needs to happen next. So please keep an open mind and be willing to explore other styles of bodywork within the context of the Thai session. If you would prefer a traditional Thai massage without the inclusion of some of the other styles I practice, just let me know.