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Costa Rica Chakra Balancing Retreat

Costa Rica Chakra Balancing Retreat 2018:
Yoga, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, and Life Design

Dec. 8-15, 2018 at Anamaya Resort, Montezuma, Costa Rica

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Your view everyday from the ozonated infinity pool.

Your view everyday from the ozonated infinity pool.

Join me for a week at the amazing Anamaya Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Yoga twice daily (morning and evening before dinner). Optional morning meditation. Two workshops (see details below). Optional sunrise yoga class on final day of retreat.

Four Directions Ceremony & Life Design Workshop

The Four Directions Ceremony is a Native American spiritual process that was taught to me by my teacher Ana Forrest. Each direction is aligned with a stage of life and rites of passage common to all human beings. By intentionally calling in and aligning with the wisdom (or medicine, as it’s called in Native American spirituality) of each of the four directions, we open ourselves to inspiration, support, and guidance from the Great Spirit (God/Goddess/Source Intelligence as you understand it). This workshop includes chanting, meditation, visualization and writing. It is most powerful when combined with the Chakra Process Workshop. This workshop will help set an intention for your current phase of life beyond your week at Anamaya.

Chakra Process Workshop

This 90-minute workshop focuses on the “Chakra Process,” a method for accessing wisdom stored in each of our 7 chakras. Come with a life question or decision that you seek answers to, or simply with an open mind to explore what intelligence is within your chakras, waiting to be discovered. This workshop includes pranayama (breath work), meditation, writing, and visualization.

The lower yoga deck. Beautiful at night for sunsets and the sounds of the jungle.

The lower yoga deck. Beautiful at night for sunsets and the sounds of the jungle.

Yoga twice daily. Clean, organic, locally and regionally sourced meals. Additional activities available include surfing lessons, SCUBA certification, zip lining, waterfall hikes, horseback riding, snorkeling and spa sessions.

From left to right. 1) Take a zipline tour over the canopy and waterfalls of Montezuma, Costa Rica. 2) Make lasting friendships. Look how happy everyone is! 3) Take in an exciting fire show during the Anamaya Circus Night! 4) Visit Playa Hermosa, a long, flat beach perfect for surfing, horse back riding, or just chilling with your new best friends.