Lola is amazing and attentive to my needs!!

I have taken many of Lola’s classes. She is an amazing teacher and human being. Her deep knowledge of yoga is a result of many years of study and practice. This all translate into her class. Ease instruction with demonstration, gives options for all her students, and you can tell safety is a real priority. I love her classes! Namaste!
Transformative and inspirational spirit

I have practiced with Lola for over three years now and I actually feel at a loss when I’m unable to make a practice. She leads a thoughtful, kind, physically and emotionally rigorous practice. I have practiced yin and Forrest styles specifically which Lola specializes in. Lola is able to motivate you to your edge in a safe and transformative way.
A great Forrest Yoga teacher!

I’m just getting back into yoga, and started going to Lola’s class instead of my usual teacher because of a schedule conflict. She had been so great and exceeded all expectations! I’m really looking forward to continuing to practice with her.
Grounded teacher with presence with vast knowledge

Lola is a phenomenal teacher who truly knows how to meet you where you are regardless of your experience. She creates space for both the novice and experienced student to make the class as challenging as they like. After going to several of Lola’s various classes I feel must more comfortable assessing what I want out of a yoga class and a yoga instructor.......she has set my bar quite high and for that I thank her’s helped me understand what it means to truly say you are a yoga teacher. THANK YOU LOLA ;)
I moved to the Jersey City area a couple of years ago and found the yoga scene to be fairly dismal. I was introduced to Lola by a friend and we have been practicing yoga together with her since. Lola is the ideal yoga teacher, she clearly is knowledgeable and knows her craft, but is also patient and works with your physical limitations while encouraging you to take your practice up a notch, each time. Not to mention her adjustments are spot on! A private/semi private lesson is a great setting for practicing yoga and is well served by a strong teacher-student understanding.
I have been a student of Lola’s for two years, and I am a better person for it. She exudes quiet confidence, genuine caring, and inspires me to reconnect with my body, mind and soul. Her ability to modify poses to address my strengths and weaknesses has been extremely useful. I leave each class feeling calm and energized. And, just for the record, the Thai massage is awesome!

Lola Rephann is a compassionate, experienced, adaptable teacher motivated by a desire to help all sentient beings find freedom from suffering. Her eclectic approach includes Forrest Yoga, Yin Yoga, thai massage, reiki, breathwork, and other metaphysical, spiritual, and physical tools designed to enhance well-being, build self-awareness, and encourage healing and growth.


Training & Education

Core Skills and Techniques:

  • e-RYT with over 3,000 hours teaching experience
  • Level 3 (assistant/trainer level) with Forrest Yoga
  • Advanced Yin Yoga teacher
  • Certified Buti Yoga teacher
  • Reiki Master (level 3)
  • Thai Yoga body worker
  • Intuitive/Myo-Fascial Release body worker

200-hour Forrest Yoga Foundations Teacher Training with Ana Forrest — Fresh Yoga, New Haven, CT, May 2014

Forrest Yoga Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest — Pure Yoga, NYC, February 2013

Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program with Forrest Yoga Guardian Erica Mather — New York City, 2014-2015

Yoga Bodyworkers Training with Forrest Yoga Guardians Jambo Truong and Brian Campbell — Asheville, NC, May 2016

Forrest Yoga Continuing Education for Effective Coaching with Forrest Yoga Guardians Heidi Sormaz and Cat Allen — Fresh Yoga, New Haven, CT, September 2016

Forrest Yoga Continuing Education Module with Forrest Yoga Guardians Heidi Sormaz & Catherine Allen — Fresh Yoga, New Haven, CT, June 2011

Forrest Yoga Master Classes & Hands-On Assisting Workshops with Ana Forrest — Fresh Yoga, New Haven, CT, June 2013

Forrest Forum (various dates) with Forrest Yoga Guardian Erica Mather — NYC, various locations & dates

Certified Buti Yoga teacher — New York, NY, March 2017

200-hour Reflections Yoga Teacher Training with Paula Tursi — Reflections Yoga, NYC, June 2010

Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Corina Brenner — Integral Yoga, New York, October 2015

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Corina Brenner — Om Yoga, April 2012

Shamanic Reiki, Level 3 Reiki Master Practitioner Certification with Stacey Sky Gibbons — February 2014

Thai Yoga Bodywork/Thai Massage training with Gaston Robert Olsen, NYC — June 2010

Intuitive Healing Touch/Thai Yoga Bodywork training with T’ai Jamar Hanna, NYC — Winter 2012

Spiritual Development Retreat with Paula Tursi — Anamaya Retreat & Resort, Montezuma, Costa Rica, October 2013

Lineage Project Teacher Training — Virayoga, NYC, May 2012

Sequenceology with Lori McAlister — Pure Yoga, NYC, May 2012

B.A., Political Science, Columbia University

20+ years living in New York City balancing the demands of career, family, relationships, creativity, and self