Winter's Chrysalis

Lately I've been fascinated by chrysalises. A caterpillar is terrestrial and rather limited in terms of motility while a butterfly is airborne and very mobile. The time in between these very different life stages is marked by complete silence: the chrysalis stage. The stage between caterpillar and butterfly is a time of stillness, retreat, and internal process.

It occurred to me that winter is a lot like a chrysalis. If we can align with the natural inward-drawing energy that comes to the Northeastern U.S. during the winter months, we can use this time to prepare for a re-birthing in spring.

After being in Costa Rica for two weeks in January, where my life was shaped by the simple rhythms of sunrise and sunset, I started to feel a turn inwards. Upon return, I immediately left for the Himalayan Institute, for another 3 days in quiet contemplation, surrounded by nature. By the time I returned, I had spun a winter chrysalis around myself, a container for myself to grow in. My container starts with morning meditation followed by reading of the Yoga Sutra, moves into computer work I need to take care of, takes a late-morning pause on a walk with my dog Luna. Then there is a full day of work, during which I share with my students and clients the work of sankalpah, or deep intention. I make space to practice yoga at least several times per week, journal, and sleep. Coincidentally, one of the studios where I teach, Yoga in the Heights in Jersey City, is working with the sankalpah theme studio-wide in January. Also, my mentor teacher Erica Mather teaches on creating an intentional yoga practice.

Feeling the results of my winter chrysalis already, I want to share this work. I have room in my schedule to bring in one or two more private yoga students who want to join me in creating a three-month period of inward gaze and personal transformation. We will spin chrysalises around ourselves, dive deep within to take sustenance from the dissolving of our old selves as we birth our new selves, ready to emerge as light and colorful as a butterfly come spring.

To facilitate this transformation and encourage you to take action on this quickly, I am discounting my weekly rate by 25%. I would like you to commit three months to this winter chrysalis phase, so you are sure to feel and see the effects of your commitment to yourself. Please contact me for more information.