The launch of Phoenix Rise

Copy of Phoenix Rise.png

For so long I have wanted to transition to teaching online and teaching from all the tools I have amassed over the years. This includes things like archetype work, shamanic journeying, visualization, nutrition, journaling, and more.

But I had no idea how to fit all these influences into one cohesive program.

Until I undertook an incredibly transformative process of working with a life coach.

This process helped me crystallize my vision and re-create myself in a very short period of time. I have been used to a slower, more organic process of change.

My organic rate of change, I thought, was slow. In all honesty, I felt like not much had changed for me internally in years. Although I had been doing so much work, from yoga teacher training to bodywork training to reiki to becoming self-employed in the ultra-competitive environment of New York City, I still yearned for the spark of inspiration to hit me.

Once it did, it was like I had been given license to weave all my knowledge and experience into a beautiful tapestry of tools and processes for human development!

I am thrilled to introduce Phoenix Rise, my 10-week personal growth and accountability program. I am accepting applications now. The program begins 9/9/18. To apply, please click here.